Dental Care Medical Elective Opportunities Abroad

Are you looking for opportunities for overseas dental care electives to contribute to your long-term goals and success of your career?

KIVOLEX Dental Care Medical Elective Abroad Programs aims to gain international service experience while engaging and developing unique skills to enhance Medical students reach their goals. This is good for those involved.

KIVOLEX offers a low-cost and effective Emergency Medical Elective Programs Abroad. Our Medical Elective are in the following fields

  • Surgery Elective.
  • Pediatrics Elective.
  • Physical Therapy Elective.
  • Orthopedics Elective.
  • Intensive Care Elective.
  • Sports Medicine Elective.
  • Emergency department Elective.
  • Pharmacology Elective.
  • Dental Care Elective.
  • Eye, Vision and Optical Elective.
  • Anesthesiology Elective.
  • Maternity and Midwifery Elective.
  • Laboratory and Radiology Elective.
  • Mental Health Elective.
  • Nursing Elective.

Expectations from Dental Care Medical Elective Program Abroad

Our Dental Care Medical Elective Program Abroad has a lot to offer. You can Expect hands on experience elective program. You are given a chance not only to learn and observe but at the same time practice as a Pediatrician although under supervision. Your position is determined by your combination of skills and interests, and where you need more help right now.

KIVOLEX Dental Care Medical Elective Program Abroad takes place in different locations.Our Program are not only based in Tanzania, but we have such programs running in India and the Caribbean. Zanzibar in Tanzania is another location were our Pharmacy medical elective Programs are Active.  

Our Medical Elective programs in all our four location are outstanding. The choice is yours you can decide to do a single location or divide your program to experience all our four Locations. Each location has its own test that makes our Dental Care medical Elective Program such a unique program.

Intensive Care elective tanzania dar es salaam

Why engaged in Dental Care Medical Elective Program Abroad?

  • Designed by doctors… with your elective in mind.

Our programme is ever evolving and specifically designed by current doctors who were previously elective students Abroad.  We take their feedback as to what their ideal elective would look like and aim to fulfil those visions for all of our future students.

  • Tailored to You

Our electives work with both public and private medical facilities, clinics and Hospitals Abroad.  This allows us to offer an array of specialities and varying degrees of traditional hospital and clinic interactions as well as in the field community and cultural experiences.   We structure each student’s elective specifically around their personal educational wants and needs, as well as ensuring we fulfil the academic institution’s requirements.  Our team is working closely with the Government to expand our specialty offering and offer elective experiences throughout the world.

  • Unique Local Opportunities

Facilitated by our local knowledge and connections, a unique component of our elective programme  is the ability to participate in a myriad of community based projects in conjunction with everyone from local villagers to sports teams and clubs.  Tell us your interests and we will find something for you.  If you want to do a primary school health Checkup, want to do Physiotherapy with the local sports & jogging clubs and teams, we endeavor to make that happen for you.

  • Make a Real Difference

You can work on macro-level projects to address the overall healthcare issues in the country or tiny individual community issues but either way, you can play an active role in making a real difference to real people.  It’s not just educational, it’s truly immersive and valuable to the people Abroad.  We want your experience to be unique to you and your interests and we work hard to tailor your programme specifically to you.